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Ahlan wa sahlan! Marhaba (Welcome..Welcome) to Al Rehab (New Cairo)!  The logo to the right is Al Rehab's logo you will see it all over the community.  It is on the trash cans.  It is on the inner city buses.  It is on the side of buildings.  It is everywhere on Al Rehab.  Al Rehab is also known as "New Cairo" or in Arabic Qahirah Jadeedah.  So for a lack of a better word you are still in Cairo per se but for those who know and understand you live in/on Al Rehab.  

Al Rehab is a fully fledged gated community and is well known for its amenities and prestige throughout all of Cairo and Egypt.  It is one of the most lovely communities and fits well within the New Cairo plan. The city covers an area of ten million m2 and is/was designed to accommodate at least 200,000 residents. There are  ten phases, each covering an area of 220 feddans. Each phase is a complete district offering two kinds of housing arrangements: (1) Villas and (2) flats or apartments.  Most of the resident live in flats or apartments that are 92m2 to 166m2.  New Cairo was designed to be broken down in to 10 phases.  November 2006 we are only 5 phases have been completed in about 6 years time.   New news:  The TMG Group (Founders of Al Rehab)  has started a new city named MEDINATI.  Stay tuned to this website for complete information.  Those wishing to own an apartment or villa on MEDINATI will have the option of paying it off interest free in 15 years with low monthly payment contact us for details.  Moving to Medinati is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to make hijrah in the near future like in 3 years

All facilities are interconnected throughout the ten different phases to include schools (French, British, German and English Language), Medical facilities, commercial i.e. markets (souks), shopping malls, movie theater, food court, sports club, recreational, maintenance facilities and much much more.   (Below is a picture of Al Rehab's City Hall Building) 

Al Rehab City Hall (Yes, Al Rehab has it's own City Hall)

Al Rehab City Hall Building

The City Hall building is the headquarters for EVERYTHING on Al Rehab.  It is located near gate #4.  Police and Security headquarters are in the adjacent building.  If you're like most residents you get your monthly bus pass/ID from the City Hall building.  Make sure you bring 2 photos with you.  Current cost is 190LE. (I had lived on Al  Rehab for 4 months before I found  out where and how to get a bus pass from.  Heck I didn't even know they had monthly bus passes.)  For Information on more about the bus service go to <Bus Services> Put you have to be a member to get that information.  


Kids Funland

Near the City Hall building you will find the Kids Amusement Area.  It is nothing like your Six Flags, Cedar Point, Magic Mountain or Coney Island.  However your 2-10 year old(s) are guaranteed to have a blast of a good time.  

Kids Funland Al Rehab kids funland Al Rehab

On my morning walks I've seen school buses loaded with children coming to the kid funland spending their mornings and afternoon here on Al Rehab.  More pictures to follow soon.  

Also adjacent to the kids funland area is a very nice reception hall (pictured below).  Many wedding parties, ceremonies and business function are hosted here.  Across from the outdoor reception hall is the main indoor hall.  Catering with the full trimmings are available (of course NOT free).  

Al Rehab outdoor reception hall



Food Court

There is a food court with McDonalds, KFC, PizzaHut, La Reve, Tikka, Lebanese food, traditional Egyptian food (EL-Shabrawy), Costa Coffee and Cinnabon. Grand Mall 2 has opened with new shops opening daily. Including a new supermarket - Metro. We were expecting some of International well known named restaurant to come but that hasn't happened yet.  Take a look at the pictures that were taken November 11th and you will see that the food court has a nice man made pools with attractive blue tiles and it is lit up at night to make your outdoor dinning more pleasurable and of course palm tress galore.  Around September or October the palm trees are filled with delicious ripe dates.  (Updated Photos of the Food Court in January 2008 coming soon).


All of the restaurants on Al Rehab deliver.  If you don't feel like dinning out, don't worry you simply need to call your favorite restaurant and for 1.50LE (normally) they will deliver your food piping hot right to your flat, apartment or villa.  Look closely at the next picture and you will be able to see some small motorbike with hotboxes on the back of them.  These are the deliver bikes..not trucks...

I don't know if this restaurant is famous or not, but it is has made it's way to the food court!  It's called Los Gauchos (and no this is not a promotional plug, ha ha)..I'll tell you my favorite takeout joint later!  Anyway Los Gauchos is smack right dead in the center of the food court.  Without a doubt it is beautiful.  If you're waiting for a food review, keep on because I haven't ate in there yet, but it is on my list of things to do with the wife.  When we do eat there, we will give our reviews in the >Members Section> Ummm the logo is a Red Bull and they are serving a Argentina Flava to the citizens and visitors.

los gauchos restaurant


International Schools

Currently on there are 4 International schools British School (English UK), Futures Language School (English), French School and German Language School.  

British school al rehab

British School

Futures language school al rehab

Futures Language School

German Language School Al Rehab

German School 

French School Al Rehab

French School


The Shopping Malls

Currently there is two (2) shopping mall on Al Rehab and it's name is "Al Rehab Mall 1".  The first mall is currently located in Al Rehabís first phase.  Families are able to spend their time at the cinema, theatre, restaurants and cafeterias. Escalators are located throughout the entire mall a parking lot is adjacent to the shopping mall as well.

The mall consists of 99 shops each varying in size between 8 m2-96 m2 and every shop has its own warehouse.  Again the Shopping mall has 2 restaurants and a supermarket.  You will also find boutiques, hairdresser, electronics shops, photo shops and furniture shops

Shopping Mall #2  It's called Rehab Mall #2.  One secret.  Did you notice the pink color?  This area is located with Pink buildings.



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